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Imaris VR Viewer

Step inside some of the most jaw-dropping scientific research data around!

Powered by Imaris - market-leading 3/4D visualization and analysis software from Bitplane - this viewer puts you on the inside of some of the most intriguing, groundbreaking and jaw-dropping data from our users across various research disciplines. A VR headset (e.g. Imaris VR Viewer available free from our upcoming events) is required for the full experience.

With the fastest, most sensitive and highest performing sCMOSEMCCD and CCD detectors on the planet, Andor is equipping its customers to see further, go deeper and capture more than has ever been possible before. In the Dragonfly confocal platform, Andor also proudly presents the most complete imaging system the world has ever seen.

Both Andor and Bitplane have a rich history in the world of imaging and photonics. It is a history steeped in pioneering achievements and game-changing innovation. And now, through the power of Virtual Reality, we invite you to take a look forward.

Step into the future of imaging today - with Imaris VR.