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Imaris Viewer

Imaris Viewer is a free 3D/4D microscopy image viewer for viewing raw images as well as those analyzed within Imaris. As researchers, we know that you need a powerful, flexible and portable image viewer, which is why we’ve created Imaris Viewer.

Share your beautiful images with colleagues, collaborators and even family using the same high performance Imaris rendering as you have in the lab.  And take that high performance Imaris rendering with you wherever you go: home, conferences, sabbaticals, or any of your other exciting travels. Imaris Viewer works with over 40 microscopy file types, including TIFF.  Loading your files is quick and interacting with them is intuitive.

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A Free 3D/4D Microscopy Image Viewer

Imaris Viewer brings many of the tried-and-tested visualization features from Imaris to the microscopy community within a free and portable package.  To try out the full power of Imaris, why not take a 10-day trial of the latest version?

  Free Imaris Viewer Imaris “Full Version”
Browse files as thumbnails and open 3D images 
Visualize datasets previously analyzed in Imaris
Interact with 3D images using intuitive mouse controls
Inspect your images with clipping planes and 2D slicers
Easily generate high-resolution snapshots 
Adjust and save brightness and contrast
Deconvolve and pre-process your images
Detect objects in images as Surfaces, Spots, Filaments, and Cells with measurement reporting
Track objects in 3D over time and measure distances between objects and reference points
Plot your data in 3D/4D
Batch process your workflow
Extend your analysis with other programming languages 
Create stunning animations

Recommended Minimum System Requirements for Imaris Viewer

MS Windows 10 x64 Mac OS X 10.12 - 10.13
CPU: 3 GHz dual core CPU: Intel with 2.2 GHz, 6 core
RAM: Minimum 8 GB RAM: Minimum 8 GB
Graphics: AMD or NVIDIA 2GB Graphics: AMD or NVIDIA 2GB
Monitor: 1280 x 1024 pixels and up Monitor: 1440 x 900 pixels and up
Mouse: 3 buttons Mouse: 3 buttons

As a free software Imaris Viewer is not supported by our Imaris Support teams.  However, you can ask questions, find answers, and contribute to the Imaris Viewer community via Imaris Open.

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