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Imaris Stitcher - Big Data Capable

Imaris Stitcher is the newest member of the Imaris family and is a stand-alone application made for precise alignment and fusing of multiple microscopy image tiles into one 2D, 3D or 4D volume.

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Imaris Stitcher

Accurate and precise stitching of multiple image tiles in XYZ is now possible with Imaris Stitcher- capable of stitching 2D, 3D or 4D tiles. With Imaris Stitcher you can easily align and stitch multiple tiles to export images Terabytes in size.


Tile Positioning Features

Imaris Stitcher is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Simply load tiles for stitching and the software will automatically detect stage coordinates for every tile. If the position data is not available you can arrange the grid size and grid layout. For images with multiple channels user can select the channel used for alignment.


Imaris Stitcher Technology

Stitching tiles into one large image requires large image handling as well as alignment precision for a high quality result. Imaris Stitcher's algorithm addresses the imperfections in microscope stage positioning including camera rotation relative to the stage to provide the best alignment results across the entire fused image.

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*Visualization requires at least 1MB VRAM per image, per channel; Opening 500 images with 3 channels requires at least 1500MB graphics memory.

**Minimum RAM requirements: around ten times the size of the largest volume overlap region.

Additional Resources

The Imaris Learning Center hosts a wide range of tutorial videos, how-to articles and webinars to guide you through the many features of Imaris. We have provided some links below which will get you started on some of our most recent developments.