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Imaris AI Microscopy Imaging Software - Free 10 Day Trial

Imaris is a comprehensive AI imaging software solution for the visualization, analysis and interpretation of 2D, 3D, and 4D microscopy images. Imaris specializes in intuitive workflows combined with high performance rendering and processing to help you reach your research goals quickly.

Downloading a free trial of Imaris AI Microscopy Imaging Software allows you to explore our technology before you buy it, giving you first-hand experience of how the software enhances your research with stunning visuals, as well as easy-to-generate measurements of the objects in your images.

Our free trial includes all features of Imaris and grants access for 10 non-consecutive days so you can use the software at your own pace. Our team of application specialists are also available to ensure that you learn the best workflows for your specific images and applications.


What's included in your free trial?

Key Features of Imaris Imaging Software

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Imaris Stitcher is the newest member of the Imaris family and is a stand-alone application made for precise alignment and fusing of multiple microscopy image tiles into one 2D, 3D or 4D volume.


Imaris Viewer

Imaris Viewer is a free 3D/4D microscopy image viewer for viewing raw images as well as those analysed within Imaris.

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ImarisFileConverter's redesigned GUI and batch conversion efficiently convert multiple large datasets to save you time.

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