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3D/4D Image Analysis for Neuroscientists in Imaris

Our Imaris experts will be highlighting the Imaris workflow by presenting 2 different neuroscience applications:

  • 3D quantification of pre-synaptic amacrine cell contact with retinal ganglion cell dendrites
  • Classification of microglia morphology and interaction with neurovasculature

In this webinar, you will learn about several tools that are widely applicable, such as automatic neuron tracing, detection of volumetric 3 dimensional objects such as microglia, quantifying interaction between different objects, and animation creation.

Imaris is designed to handle big data and has several tools for tracing neurons with dense fibers (Torch) and automated surface reconstructions for volumetric quantification in terabyte-sized images.

We will also have a Q&A session with our staff neuroscientist, Matthew Gastinger, Ph.D.

Date: December 2019

Author: Matthew Gastinger, Ph.D. & Lynsey Hamilton

Category: Webinar

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