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Endosome-Mitochondria Interactions Are Modulated by Iron Release from Transferrin


Margarida Barroso, Associate Professor at Albany Medical University discusses the transient “kiss and run" interactions between endosomes containing iron-bound-transferrin (Tf) and mitochondria showing the direct iron transfer in erythroid cells.

For the first time, using super-resolution 3D dSTORM imaging, the Barroso lab has furnished compelling evidence of Tf-endosomes directly interacting with mitochondria in MDCK epithelial cells. Employing live-cell time-lapse fluorescence microscopy followed by 3D rendering, object tracking, and distance transformation (DT) algorithm, they have tracked individual Tf-endosomes and characterized the dynamics of their interaction with mitochondria.

At the end of this webinar you will learn how Imaris 3D analysis software is uniquely able to analyse images of hundreads of gigabytes in size.

Date: October 2017

Category: Webinar

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