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How to Analyse your Data Using Interactive Vantage Plots in Imaris

In this webinar session Imaris Sales Manager, Dr. Daniel Reisen will demonstrate how to analyse data using interactive Vantage plots in Imaris. Dr. Daniel Reisen holds a PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology from University of Burgundy (France). He further did a Post-doctoral study at Cornell University (USA). After that he joined Imaris in 2006 as a sales engineer. Since 2012 he leads the EMEA sales and support team.

Learning objectives:

  • Vantage plotting tool (1D, 2D and Objects view)  
  • Comparison between groups and statistical tests
  • Annotation of objects with statistical parameters in the 3D Surpass view

This is an excellent opportunity for experienced users, as well as those less familiar with Imaris, to learn how the software can enhance their research projects while working remotely.  

Date: Sep-20

Author: Dr Daniel Reisen

Category: Webinar

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