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How to use the rebuild function

July 2010 Have you ever wanted to go back through a creation wizard and change a few parameters?

The Rebuild tab offers the possibility to re-enter the Creation Wizard and use previous parameter settings and processing instructions as initial values.

All parameters and processing instructions are saved, and as a result the object computation can be repeated for the same region, a different region, or the entire image.

By re-entering the Creation Wizard all previously manually created objects are kept while you can easily edit just a few parameters without going in detail through all settings again.

From the list, you can select which step of object Creation Wizard you want to re-enter.

Several choices are available for re-entering the Filament Creation Wizard.

The rebuild tab also offers you the option to create the spines at any later time simply by re-entering the creation wizard. The spine detection and creation is by the default, the last step of the Filament Creation Wizard.

There are two additional options:

  • Keep Data - This option should be selected depending on whether the existing Filament graph should be discarded, or re-used in the Filament rebuild process.
  • All Time Points - This option should be selected depending on whether the parameters used for creating the Filament structure should be applied to the selected time point only or to all time points.

For convenient overview all Creation Parameters are listed as the table.

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