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How to view statistics that change over time

Did you know that you can view the time dependant changes in statistics for each object you have tracked?

If you have an image in 2D or 3D that changes over time:

  • Segment the object with the Spots, Surfaces, Filaments or Cells objects
  • Choose to track the object as part of the creation wizard
  • Once segmentation and tracking is complete click on the statistics tab (the small red graph icon)
  • Click on the detailed statistics tab
  • Choose Specific Statistics
  • Then choose a statistic of interest

  • All values that change over time will have a little green graph icon in front of them
  • Clicking on a specific statistic in the list will bring up a graph (control click to select more than one statistic value)
  • The graph shows the value of that statistic at each time point in the image
  • The black vertical line indicates the current time point
  • In the example shown the red line is one object and the green line is a second selected object.

This graph can be used to find time points of interest. Slide the black line in the graph to change time points or use the surpass time slider to change time points...

Date: May 2010

Category: Case Study

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