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Imaris 9.7 Launch Webinar - Diving into Structure and Dynamics

The Imaris 9.7 Microscopy Imaging Software gives you deeper insights into the structure and dynamics of the systems in your images.

This release expands our existing structural and spatial analysis to allow quick measurements of the proximity of cells to a tissue of interest and whether their distances relative to that tissue display a non-random distribution. These new tools allow you to answer questions like, “are microglia found near plaques more often than expected by a random distribution?” Also, Imaris can now report if a protein is accumulating preferentially in the peri-nuclear region of your cells.

The 9.7 release also provides tools that expand Imaris’ timelapse analysis capabilities.  Assessing the effects of events (e.g. cell divisions) in your timelapse images can be difficult if those events take place at different time points in your timelapse. Imaris 9.7 allows you to measure the dynamics associated with those events, whether they’re changes to cell motility, morphology, or protein expression. These new tools allow you to answer questions like, “what is the speed of chromosome movement in anaphase” and “does cell morphology change after addition of a drug”.

In this webinar Meredith Price, Business Manager, Imaris demonstrates examples of the applications described as well as other new tools found in the new 9.7 version of the Imaris software, we finish with a Q&A.

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