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Quantitative Single-cell Imaging of Living Pre-implantation Embryos | Webinar

Abstract: Pre-implantation mammalian development involves the first dynamic changes in cell polarization, cell-cell contact formation and cell differentiation. These processes lead to the development of a blastocyst from a single fertilized egg. This webinar will present how Dr Jennifer Zenker’s lab has designed non-invasive imaging technologies to monitor the development of the pre-implantation mouse embryo in real time. In combination with Imaris, they have been able to display high volume four-dimensional (4D) data in order to analyse, segment and track single cells, and even subcellular structures.

Imaris is the world’s leading interactive microscopy image analysis software that enables users to visualize, analyze, segment and eventually interpret their multidimensional microscopy imaging datasets. The software has a user friendly graphical interface, and is being built to handle multiple gigabyte size images with speed and precision, thereby making your image analysis truly real-time and interactive. It supports multiple image formats from different microscope and imaging product manufacturers. The capability of the software to generate and export statistical data will provide you with meaningful analysis of your scientific data to support your hypothesis. With the release of Imaris 8.3, we will showcase to you how Imaris can help developmental biologists to get the most out of their images with a total of 6 New features!

Date: June 2016

Category: Webinar

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