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Shortest distance, Overlapped Volume – what to remember and where to find the measurements?

Relative statistics in Imaris 9.7 are available for Spots and Surfaces 

Whenever you want to measure statistics which relate the position of one set of objectto another set of objects, please make sure that within the first step of selected creation wizard, Object-object statistics checkbox is ticked. If you know you are not interested in those measurements, untick this box. It will save some calculation time. In my example I have previously created 3 sets of Surfaces and one set of Spots. Let’s go to Statistics tab to find and understand relative measurements. For Surfaces and Spots , we see Shortest Distance to Surface or Shortest distance to Spots object. For Surfaces you also get Overlapped volume and Overlapped Volume ratio with another Surface objectNext to the statistics name, Imaris shows you in relation to which object set the parameter is calculated. You interactively visualize measurements for selected objects by clicking at them or you can export all calculated measurements to Excel or comma separated value files to further analyze. 

You can as well color code all your objects based on selected statistics or plot those measurements in Vantage. 

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