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Visualizing Divisions and Development in 3D

In this webinar Dr Kevin Byrd, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, discusses how his research in epithelial development has implications for developmental biology, oral tumorigenesis, and stem cell therapies.

You will learn that:

  • Oral epithelia are a diverse collection of tissues with varying morphologies
  • To visualize these niches, 3D reconstruction can be achieved with an Imaris XTension and standard features to visualize and measure 1) cortical protein intensity and position around a cell, 2) cell division vectors, and 3) tissue morphology
  • Oral epithelial morphogenesis is directly influenced by oriented cell divisions mediated through LGN
  • At the end of this webcast you will learn how Imaris 3D analysis software is uniquely able to analyse images of 100s of GB in size

Date: August 2017

Category: Webinar

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