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Imaris 8 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 8 release notes. Please have a look to the overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

Important Note: Imaris 8 supports only 64 bit operating systems (Windows, Mac). Support for 32-bit is discontinued. Also support for Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.6 is discontinued (Imaris might run on these systems but we cannot guarantee its stability of performance).

Version Date: November 17, 2014


Learn more about the Arena view with our new tutorial guide and video demonstration here.

Imaris 8 is a Desktop-Batch-System for Management and Analysis of Images and Batch Results. The new Arena viewer is the control-center.

3 main Imaris views
Arena for managing and grouping images, controlling Batch runs, and compiling results for Vantage.
Surpass for inspecting images in XYZ and time (slice, section, gallery, volume), and validating segmentation results.
Vantage for analyzing results, and comparing objects and statistics derived from multiple sets of images.
Main Arena Items
Group images for Batch, contains all associated results.
Creation Parameters contain the batch protocol for calculating Spots, Surfaces, Cells, and Filements. Can be executed on a group of images.
Batch can be started by a right-click on Creation Parameters.
Surpass Object Collection contains calculated objects (e.g. Spots) and statistics from the images in the group.
The Vantage Plot contains the settings to display one or more collections of objects as plot in Vantage.

Batch and Vantage are Imaris add-on modules and require a license.


21 bugs fixed in Imaris 8.0.2
7076 On OSX most menu items don't show additional information in the status bar anymore
7638 Saving creation parameters with autothresholding used for filtering spots and seed points is broken
7676 Broken links in readme.txt
7339 BatchCoordinator does not produce an output if Split touching objects is active
7725 IMS files generated with Batch are almost 10 times as big as Imaris files
7893 Show Help in the Filament wizard Dendrite Diameter step leads to the wrong chapter
8079 Show Help in step 2/4 in the Surface Wizard does not work
8040 Andor TIFF color tables not read correctly.
7815 Compression disabled by default in File Converter 7.7.0 / 7.7.1
7692 Turning off the statistic Number of Spots per timepoint breaks export for plotting
8201 XML data "export data for plotting" not working
7955 Snapshot "crashes" Imaris when "Offscreen rendering" if turned "off" on Radeon/FirePro
8062 Save does not activate after initial store then change the name of a Surpass component
7284 Vesicles classify filter do not hide spots during 'rebuild' run
7782 Duplicate Selection from Cells --> Crash!
8351 First Cells not re-loaded, when a second Cells object was deleted before saving the file
6779 Filament "duplicate selection" and statistics not working properly (because of not unique vertex IDs)
7730 "Show Help" link broken on Spots' Edit tab
8313 Context specific link from Surface Source Channel step to Reference Manual is broken
7804 Changing color crash Imaris
7981 Imported Scene is added as time point - not possible to make comparison in Vantage

Imaris 8.0.1

Version Date: December 12, 2014

4 bugs fixed in Imaris 8.0.1
8375 BatchAgent does not run with Evaluation License
8382 Batch checks out ImarisBatchbase and ImarisBatchAgent license and therefore avoids multiple Batchruns while Imaris is closed
8367 Certain workstations with Sophos antivirus are blocking a file needed for Arena via to work properly
8377 Bisque does not get installed on Domain Admin account, possible missing %TEMP% variable

Imaris 8.0.2

Version Date: March 09, 2015

11 bugs fixed in Imaris 8.0.2
8422 User can not add more than 1000 files to arena view
8455 Arena View not responding after network password change
7995 Imaris image import hangs when adding an Prairie file - timeout doesn't work
8347 Surface batch fails on dataset from which the creation parameters were generated
8405 Batch failure on surface tracking dataset
7971 Ctrl+1(-7) allows switching to different viewers from within resource view
8456 When a tiff time series is missing a slice backgroundLoad will freeze during image open
8516 Installing a patch release will remove older patch version
8518 Splash Screen is always visible
8511 Splash screen shows '2014'
8517 Imaris Splash Screen ugly border on Windows