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What's New in Imaris 9.3

As scientists we understand the benefit of a smooth experimental workflow. In delivering Imaris 9.3 we have listened to our customers’ experiences and introduced several new developments. Ultimately these will enable users to visualize thumbnails for all of their data in one view, convert and organize their data in one place and have image processing, deconvolution and analysis all in one pipeline

  • All new Arena as a microscopy image browser
  • ClearView™ GPU-accelerated deconvolution
  • Batch processing integrated into one pipeline
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New Arena Integration

Arena is a simple image browser that gives you an additional level comfort. Visualize thumbnails for all your data in one view. Convert and organize your data in one place. Batch your entire workflow: from deconvolution and image processing to analysis, all in one pipeline.

Microscopy Image Browser

New Arena acts as Image Browser for all microscopy files:


Imaris integrates ClearView™ GPU Accelerated Deconvolution algorithms for Spinning Disk Confocal, Widefield Fluorescence, Brightfield, Laser Scanning Confocal and TIRF. Algorithms are engineered for both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards, allowing GPU-based processing on Mac computers.

Image Processing and Batched Pipelines

Preview the results before fully processing your images using a section viewer that quickly switches between a volume and slice view. You can then perform multiple processing steps at one time and add them to the batch processing pipeline.

Additional Resources

The Imaris Learning Center hosts a wide range of tutorial videos, how-to articles and webinars to guide you through the many features of Imaris. We have provided some links below which will get you started on some of our most recent developments.