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How To Import Spots and Tracks from MaMuT or TrackMate into Imaris

For some tracking applications users prefer the open source tools MaMuT and TrackMate.  However, they also wish to edit, visualize, or create animations within Imaris with those MaMuT/TrackMate results.  In Imaris 9.9 we provide a new Spot & Track import tool for such cases. 

Instructions for importing MaMuT or TrackMate results into Imaris

1. Track objects in your image with MaMuT or TrackMate

2. Save the results as an .xml file

3. Open the image file in Imaris

4. Click the Import Button in the main toolbar of Imaris Surpass

5. Select Import Spots or Tracks

6. In the new window browse to your file, select it, and click Open

7. The Import Scene Window will appear. Select “add components to current scene”.

8. Spots and tracks are now added to the scene of the image file.

9. Users can now edit and use these spots and tracks like ones created in Imaris. e. add, delete, connect and disconnect tracks, filter, output statistics values, drift correction, plotting, and animation creation. 

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