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Imaris 9.5 Launch Webinar – Tell your story even better with Imaris

We know communicating the results from your imaging experiments is critically important for the success of your grants, publications and presentations. The 9.5 release of Imaris brings new tools for quickly generating those discoveries, while also quantitatively and aesthetically reporting them for your audience to easily understand them. Within this webinar Meredith Price, the Imaris Product Manager, will review these improvements and show how they can improve your work.

New features:

Native Distance Measurements - Determining the distance from one cell type to another is now automated for Spots and Surfaces. Because this calculation is part of the creation wizard users can easily include it in Batch protocols and with very large images. Understanding the spatial relationships of cells and other objects within your images and time lapse experiments has never been easier.

Insightful Rendering - The quality and options for rendering of Surfaces is greatly improved within version 9.5. Finding high quality settings for telling your story within each image is now fast and with beautiful results. Additional visualization improvements are also included which will benefit all users of Imaris.

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Date: October 2019

Author: Dr Meredith Price

Category: Webinar


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