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Imaris 9.6 Image Analysis Software - Classify Your World - Launch Webinar

Imaris 9.6 opens new ways of analyzing objects within different classes and comparing them with one another using visual representation and interactive plotting tools. Imaris 9.6 introduces our automated classification workflow with new tools, including Machine Learning. Analysing your data within regions of interest, splitting objects into several classes based on their morphological, intensity, properties or neighbourhood, comparing the classes is the most straight forward thing now.

Within this webinar Meredith Price, the Imaris Product Manager, will review these improvements and show how they can improve the throughput of your work.

New Classification Concept

Imaris 9.6 introduces a new concept of automated object classification based on a selected statistic or the combination of features, including Machine Learning. Classes are labelled and available for visual presentation and for downstream analysis.

Machine Learning Classifier

In Imaris 9.6, the Machine Learning Classifier is easily trained to classify objects based on user input and takes advantage of all standard statistics calculated by Imaris (including the new Average Distance to Nearest Neighbour) and additional Machine Learning Statistics, which provide more information about the local intensity landscape, “texture”, intensity on the edges of objects and shape information.

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